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Coming Soon- Your Soul Trained Weekly Podcast

Spiritualist George Eli invites listeners and enlightenment seekers to ignite the soul through his weekly podcast. Each episode is filled with information for beginners and experts alike. George explores the many aspects of the soul and deconstructs the complex ancient and modern-day spiritual understandings so that everyone can train to be in tune with their true being. For decades, George has worked with clients across the world and has shared his cultural insights that have been passed down through the Romani people for generations. With his inviting voice and ability to invoke relevant folktales, George helps people discern what is righteous and how to harness that energy to bring balance into their personal lives for themselves and their greater communities.

This podcast aims to help listeners gain essential tools that they can use to exercise the soul, learn the importance of symbolism in dreams, and gain a clear understanding of Biblical interpretation and how to use it in daily life. It will also include special guests and a unique segment called Media Matters that features movies, books, and music, and which discovers the spiritual sub-meanings found within them.