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Dream Interpretation

Two Sessions, 45-60 minutes each

By Appointment Only



Have you ever experienced déjà vu? Have you ever wondered how you could resolve an issue that’s been burning inside of you? A Dream Interpretation can help you explore your inner self through symbolism and help you move on more wholly in your life. What can take months to discover in therapy can be discovered in one Dream Interpretation reading.

This type of interpretation requires two reading sessions, as well as a phone consultation prior to you falling asleep. It’s a simple process wherein you write down your dreams and George Eli writes down the revelations during his meditation that same night. During your next session, your dream notes and George’s meditation notes are then compared, and the symbolisms are explored and interpreted. This must be done within three days of the first session.

George Eli understands that the lingering feeling your mind believes it is re-living through a déjà vu is something that you’ve experienced before. A déjà vu is not just your mind playing tricks. Many spiritualists know that dreams can reveal the future and that déjà vu is a subconscious memory of past or future revelations.

Through proper dream interpretation, you can learn the deeper meaning behind your dreams. This is an ancient practice dating back to the Magi, or “Wise Men” of the East, and it is a deep interpretation of one’s dreams. People often find themselves lost and distraught without knowing why. Only one’s core can determine what the real problem is – and, more importantly, the solution. Dreams are the soul’s way of bringing divine spiritual messages to our conscious mind. If you’re ready to interpret what your soul is and has been trying to tell you, then you’re ready to meet with George Eli to get your answers.