Spiritual Training - George Eli - Enlightenments Westport

Prices ranges from $500 – $3,000 Monthly




Manifesting Miracles

Most people say that magic is make-believe. For the most part in the modern era, it is. True magic, however, is an ancient practice performed by Magi. It is the art of mixing emotional elements to accomplish what seems impossible.

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt that only a miracle could save you? The truth is that with an understanding of your spirit, miracles can be manufactured.

Many people are familiar with life coaching and all that it has to offer. However, finding a life coach who has the cultural upbringing to understand the attributes of one’s spirit can be challenging. Everyone’s spirit carries the knowledge of their true purpose, their true character, and their true journey.

Through spiritual training, George Eli can design a curriculum that will remedy your personal dilemma whether you’re searching for romance, making a career change, or desperately trying to discover your personal purpose. Working within your timeframe, with sensitivity towards your budget, he can help you discover your character and guide you into your life’s purpose by tapping into your true spirit.