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Seeking Enlightenment with George Eli
Meditation Training (3 Sessions)

Meditation training is required alongside spiritual coaching for optimal personal growth.

Anyone can teach you meditation technique. But have you ever wondered how to make meditation effective?

Meditation is vital to your spiritual strength, and is one of the three exercises of the soul. It has been scientifically proven to calm a person both physically and mentally.

George Eli’s Meditation Training is a 3-Session process that will help you find the key to mastering this powerful and life-changing discipline. G.S. Eli helps you discover the functions of your spirit and how you can utilize them to confront the adversity that you are currently experiencing. You will gain a spiritual understanding throughout the curriculum by learning three key elements:

1. Understanding
2. Practice
3. Technique

Meditation Training sessions are one hour each and the 3-session package costs $500. The timeline depends on your goals to overcome whatever negative issue you may be facing.

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